Includes: Consultation,
Examination, and
First Treatment

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Includes: Consultation, Examination, and First Treatment

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Chiropractor Houston TX Dino Palividas

DR. Dino Palividas, DC

  • The Common Path

    Most of us learned early in life that you treat illness or problems by going to the hospital or by taking pills. There are cases where those are the best options, but is that always the case?

    There are around 37 billion reactions happening every second in your body.  For the most part, those reactions happen flawlessly, but from time to time the body needs a bump in the right direction.

  • The Chiropractic Path

    Chiropractic care provides patients with a path to improve their overall health without the use of drugs and surgery.

    If you're interested in learning more our team at Chiropractic Consultants of Houston would love to meet you.

$79 New Patient Special

Includes: Consultation, Examination, and First Treatment

Joy S.

Chiropractic treatment has saved my life and has improved my quality of life. Having suffered from chronic pain most of my life and taking medications, I still needed help because nothing worked right. My back, head, arms and hands hurt. Chiropractic has given me a new lease on life! One day my left arm went numb and I had tingling in my face, I thought I was having a heart attack. After several medical tests the verdict was, "You need to see a chiropractor because you need traction for your neck." The numbness, tingling, and manipulation were all caused by the need of chiropractic therapy. Dr. dino has made my life livable again!

Anna S.

I was referred to Dr. Dino by a co-worker. All my visits have been very wonderful, but I was most impressed with my first visit and the time that was taken to explain everything to me. When you understand why you hurt, and you see the changes through Dr. Dino's therapy, you can't help but to be amazed. Dr. Dino's staff is always kind, caring and considerate as to what your individual needs may be. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dino to all my friends and family for their chiropractic needs.

Phillip G.

For many years I had suffered with upper back pain, neck pain and stiffness, lack of mobility and hand and arm pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Dino and started coming here on a regular basis where the staff set me up on a treatment plan. They made sure that I received very personal care and attention and I have always been treated nicely. My results have been very good! I would highly recommend the services here and I plan to continue to see Dr. Dino.